Our Mission:
  • To be the internationally preferred brand of professional production products.
  • To innovate, and innovate again.
  • To captivate and then invoke a state of absolute of awe and wonder by crafting atmospheres of excellence. We live for the “wow moment”.
Handley Lighting Co. is a fresh, home grown business. We seek to make great products available to all. We offer fantastic prices. We aim to provide an extensive range to our customers, and to be the first to offer the newest and latest items. We have wonderful customer service – there are no wrong or silly questions, our team is ready to carefully respond to all of your questions.
Our Difference:
We are not limited to the products we list on our site; we can find almost anything lighting related! You can contact us and tell us about the product you would like, and we will track it down for you.
Global Reach:
Although our site is listed in Australian dollars; we ship all over the world, and we will ensure your products are fitted with the relevant power plugs corresponding with your country.
We’re here to listen to your needs. We aren’t here to push opinions. We will ask you many questions about your production, so that we can fully understand your needs, before offering any suggestions. You can send us photos of what you would like… Draw pictures, Sketches, anything. We will direct you to the best products to suit your plans.
Online only:
Currently we run exclusively online. Our products are shipped fresh from our factory, to you. Without middlemen, distributors, and retail stores, we’re able to offer excellent prices.